Automatic Hydraulic Cotton Baling Press Manufacturing


Oil Hydraulic Cotton Baling Press

1 Type High density, up stroking,Single box,auto tramper, auto pusher & auto door opening.
2 Bale Size/Weight 18" x 18" x 48" / 170 Kg.
3 Tonnage Final Pressing 350 Tons / 2 nos- Cylinder.
4 Cylinder Piston/Ram Main cylinder ram, tramper cylinder ram and pusher cylinder ram all are induction harden/Ground and hard chrome plated.
5 Output and Average Cycle time 12 bales per hour / 300 seconds
6 Electric Motors 40Hp & 3 Hp
7 Controls Electricle Fully Autonmatic PLC Panel with touch screen HMI for process flow and troubleshooting. All plug & play wiring.
8 Hydraulic Oil 68no. - 900 liter
9 Pit Size 9ft Width x 9ft length x 6ft depth
10 Maximum Height of press above plinth level 6700mm / 22 feet
11 Press Building/Hall Size Required 20ft x 30ft
12 Feeding of lint to press Thru belt conveyor or pneumatic suction system (optional)
13 Online Bagging & Weighing Possible (optional)
14 Man Power Required 2 person only for stripping. No operator required.


High Productivity

High productivity and output in low cost of labor & Power.

Long Life

Very heavy duty steel structure for longer life & high pressure power pack of indigenous manufacture.

Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic PLC panel with plug & play wiring, Operator is not required.

Fast Production

Heavy duty tramper & large volume pusher for fast production.

Good Bale Finish

High density bales & Good bale finish due to close packing.

Less Space Required

Less space required, low civil construction cost for foundation & building.